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The International Roundtable Matters
Salvage acquisition. Backyard competition. Export of vehicles. OEM data. Consolidation. Parts procurement.

These are the burning issues of the day in the auto recycling industry, and surprisingly not just for American or Japanese or British recyclers. These issues, and many more opportunities wrapped up problems, are pushing and squeezing all industry stakeholders everyday, globally

Enter the International Roundtable on Auto Recycling, or IRT as it is commonly known. “The Automotive Recycling Industry is quickly being recognized worldwide as an indispensable ingredient in green automotive recycling. The more we can share, build on each other’s experiences ,and grow as an integrated worldwide provider of automobile parts, the more acceptable we become. The IRT has proven over the years to be such a forum for infusing just the right mix of creative and innovative ideas which moves our industry forward,” says Ed MacDonald, Maritime Auto Parts, Canada, and Vice President of ARA.

The IRT was formed out of the need for the premier national auto recycling associations to get together and share problems, successes, knowledge, and resources. Initially, they gathered somewhat informally to present what they were working on and to learn from one another. Gradually, it became apparent that there were reoccurring problems within the industry, and many different approaches to addressing these problems.

The 2012 event was held in Liverpool England and was a roaring success. “As an industry we need to take a stand locally, nationally and internationally to eradicate some shared undesirable activities – poor legislation, lack of enforcement, and too many illegal operators who drive salvage values up. Failure to do this will impact all genuine law abiding auto recycling businesses. There is not one individual who could achieve this; rather it needs to be a collective effort from many to make a difference,” says Andy Latham, Bluecycle, United Kingdom.

In its 7th year, the ARA is hosting the IRT immediately following the ARA Convention & Expo in Phoenix this fall. The opportunities are two-fold for participant: Delegates can visit the full ARA event and learn what is important to North American auto recyclers. For domestic delegates or regular ARA attendees, the world is brought to Phoenix, with different perspectives on the shared industry. Not only are you showcasing the North American approach to auto recycling, and it is a different approach than the rest of the world, but you will be able to rub elbows with and have deep conversations with your fellow international recyclers.

“After attending the last few IRT meetings it has broadened my understanding of recycling in other countries, and given me many ideas to take home and try. On a personal level it has helped introduce me to fellow recyclers from all over the world that I still stay in touch with,” says Don Fraser, AADCO Auto Parts, Canada.

Dom Vetere, Dom’s Auto Parts, Canada, adds, “The IRT enables you to see other countries, cities, and cultures. I have met some great people and gained some valuable ideas. This is a well organized event all will enjoy including your family and employees.”

The world is increasingly understanding that North American recyclers know how to sell Green Recycled Parts. They know how to market their business and industry, and work with other sectors crucial to their success. There is some business to be had, and the IRT is built to facilitate that networking and information sharing.

Our key stakeholders – manufacturers, insurers, shredders, and increasingly repairers are all operating on a global stage. Even governments look around the world to see how other governments are approaching problems. Vehicles, technology, and metal markets are all global. It is becoming more important that auto recyclers participate in the global exchange of ideas, knowledge and expertise as well.

“ARA is excited to host the IRT in Phoenix,” says Michael Wilson, ARA CEO. “As an active member of this working coalition of countries, the IRT has provided us perspective on our own issues, and also the opportunity to help other countries with their auto recycling programs.” 

Will you be there to meet the challenges that all auto recyclers are facing?

By Steve Fletcher is the Managing Director of the Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC)

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