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Partnerships in Automotive Repair
Working Together to Maximize Successful Business Models and Meet Consumer Needs
The publication of ARA’s Special Report: Partnerships in Automotive Repair comes as all stakeholders in the automotive sector continue to adapt to the effects of seismic change that have taken place over the past few years. As the average age of vehicles on the road continues to rise, many auto manufacturers have rebounded and technological advances in vehicle design, structure and electrical components are in the headlines seemingly every week. 

The professional automotive recycling industry is not immune from this dramatic transformation and challenges us to meet emerging markets in new and creative ways. Strengthening existing partnerships and building new ones is one such way that automotive recyclers are working with other industry stakeholders to ensure an efficient vehicle repair process for the consumer and continuing to build successful business models for the future of our industry.

Professional automotive recyclers are just one of the various players in the vehicle repair process.  Because the industry is so vast and interconnected, ARA is working continually to engage those partners that want to help advance the automotive recycling profession. In this Special Report, readers will hear from a robust collection of industry representatives offering unique perspectives on the role that recycled OEM parts play in the vehicle repair process as well as potential opportunities for partnership.  

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