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Bright Future

Invest in today’s youth by helping them realize their dream of higher education. In utilizing their scholarship, these students – and members of automotive recycling families – prove they are ready to make a difference.

How often in a lifetime do you have the opportunity to give something very personal from your business which directly rewards your employee, his or her family and at the same time contributing to the betterment of our world? Education is the keystone of any progressive society and the more we contribute to the growth and educational development of our youth the more successful we are as a whole. Your ongoing support of the ARA Scholarship Foundation, Inc. does exactly that.

The ARA Scholarship Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote education through the awarding of scholarships. Monies are available to the children of dedicated ARA member employees for post-high school educational pursuits. These scholarships are funded through contributions from people like you, who care about the future of our children, as well as money raised at events.

Where else can you be so giving to those in your industry and benefit from a taxable donation as well? The funds come from you, our members and partners, who consistently contribute to our youth, and we are most grateful for every penny that is donated to such a worthy effort. The need to foster educational endeavors is perpetual and so rewarding!

Along the way, remember to do a little educating yourself. Invite the youth of your staff to your facility, demonstrate to them the uniqueness of our industry and that we require a full spectrum of talented, educated people in many educational disciplines.

I personally have had many successes with this approach. There was a young engineering student on a internship at our facility, and he was so captivated by what we do as recyclers, and, yes, as environmentalists, that he analyzed our operation as a basis of his engineering thesis. This became a learning experience for the professors that assessed this students work. That, I think, is called “getting the word out!”

You may never know, one of those young people that has been given the opportunity to grow and develop may be able to bring back to your facility their wonderful bag of educational experiences. Fortunately, I have experienced this in several instances.

So, when you see our ARA staff and the members of our Scholarship Foundation committee pitching for our youth, consider the direct benefit your contribution to our effort provides to profile our industry, your business, your staff and above all, our youth and their bright future ­– and our future!
Ed MacDonald
ARA Scholarship Foundation


John Anspach Memorial Scholarship
Kody Asquith, Moberly Area Community College,
Moberly, MO
Member: Yancey Auto Salvage, Perry, MO
Parent: Tim Asquith

Susan Weaver Memorial Scholarship
Mikayla Braaten, University of South Dakota, Vermillion, SD
Member: Nordstom’s Automotive, Inc.,
Garretson, SD
Parent: Tim Braaten

Steve Waterbury Memorial Scholarship
Brittany Dutton,
Bridgewater State University,
Bridgewater, MA
Member: Sylvia’s Auto Parts, Inc., South Dartmouth, MA
Parent: Sharon Dutton

Mark T. Spears Honorial Scholarship
Paul Eckel, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
Member: LKQ Corp,
Chicago, IL
Parent: Stephen Eckel

Randy Reitman Memorial Scholarship
Daniel Edie, Morehead State University, Morehead, KY
Member: Reitman’s Auto Parts & Sales, Melbourne, KY
Parent: Donnie Edie

John Vander Haag Honorial Scholarship
Ashley Egland, Iowa Lakes Community College, Emmetsburg, IA
Member: Vander Haag’s Inc, Spencer, IA
Parent: Joel Egland

Fay Orcutt Memorial Scholarship
Wyatt Erickson, North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND
Member: Jerry’s Auto Salvage,Inc, Big Lake, MN
Parent: Timmie Erickson

EZ Crusher Scholarship
Grant Fidler, Iowa State University
Member: Swifts Trails End Auto Salvage, Des Moines, IA
Parent: Susan Fidler

Al-Jon Scholarship
Isabelle Fidler, Mercy College of Health Sciences, Des Moines, IA
Member: Swifts Trails End Auto Salvage, Des Moines, IA
Parent: Susan Fidler

Katie & Alex Lieberman Family Memorial Scholarship
Daniel Folino, Central Connecticut State University, New Britain, CT
Member: LKQ Corporation, Manchester, CT
Parent: Paul Folino

Sol & Lin Toder Honorial Scholarship
Alyssa Freeman,
Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH
Member: LKQ Triplett ASAP, Akron, OH
Parent: Gary Freeman

Bill Weaver Honorial Scholarship
Jessica Fueston,
South Dakota State University, Brookings, SD
Member: Vander Haag’s Inc, Sioux Falls, SD
Parent: David Mesz

Skip Weller Honorial Scholarship
Allison Gravis, Saginaw
Valley State University, University Center, MI
Member: East Bay Auto Parts, Interlochen, MI
Parent: Stefan Gravis

Edythe Cleland Memorial Scholarship
Alysha Gullion, Canisius College, Buffalo, NY
Member: Miller’s Auto Recycling, Fort Erie, ON Canada
Parent: Randy Gullion

Southern Ontario Auto Recyclers Association (SOAR)
Spencer Gullion, Brock University, St. Catherines, ON
Member: Miller’s Auto Recycling, Fort Erie,
ON Canada
Parent: Randy Gullion

Brandy Mason Memorial Scholarship
Skylar Halverson,
University Center,
Sioux Falls, SC
Member: Nordstom’s Automotive, Inc.,
Garretson, SD
Parent: Craig Halverson

Mark Buessing Memorial Scholarship
Shannon Kremer,
Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights, KY
Member: Reitman Auto Parts, Melbourne, KY
Parent: Dennis Kremer

Linda Pitman Honorial Scholarship
Jenna Loch,
Dakota Wesleyan University, Mitchell, SD
Member: French Lake Auto Parts, Annandale, MN
Parent: Steve Nolan

Gerald C. Sheftel Memorial Scholarship
Nicola Ludwig,
University of Georgia,
Athens, GA
Member: Pull A Part Used
Auto Parts, Atlanta, GA
Parent: Mark Ludwig

Bob Phelps Memorial Scholarship
Aaron May, East
Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN
Member: Pull A Part Used
Auto Parts, Atlanta, GA
Parent: Jeffrey May

Ruby Griggers Memorial Scholarship
Kaitlin May, Carson-Newman University, Jefferson City, TN
Member: Pull A Part Used Auto Parts, Atlanta, GA
Parent: Jeffrey May

New York Assn. of Auto Dismantlers Scholarship
Amanda Meade, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY
Member: Don’s Automotive Mall, Inc., Binghamtom, NY
Parent: Brian Meade

Bo Wroten Honorial Scholarship
Logan Mehr, Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA
Member: Pam’s Auto, Inc.,
St. Cloud, MN
Parent: Michele Mehr

Donald Rouse Honorial Scholarship
Samantha Miller, Anna Maria College, Paxton, MA
Member: LKQ Route 16 Used Auto Parts, Webster, MA
Parent: Ronnie Miller

Wanda Lindeman Memorial Scholarship
Jonathan Murrin, Northern Kentucky University,
Highland Heights, KY
Member: Bessler Import
Auto Sales, Wilder, KY
Parent: Thomas Murrin Scholarship
Michelle Murrin,
University of Louisville, Louisville, KY
Member: Bessler Auto Parts, Wilder, KY
Parent: Mary Murrin
Jan Sorenson Memorial Scholarship
Rachel Murrin,
University of Louisville,
Louisville, KY
Member: Bessler Import Auto Sales, Wilder, KY
Parent: Thomas Murrin

Virginia Whelan Honorial Scholarship
Alyssa Nease,
Iowa State University,
Ames, IA
Member: Vander Haag’s, Inc., Des Moines, IA
Parent: Timothy Slania

Joseph Altfater Memorial Scholarship
Garrett Patterson,
Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
Member: LKQ Corporation, Nashville, TN
Parent: Jack Patterson

Harry M. Weller Memorial Scholarship
Emily Patton, Concordia University – Nebraska,
Seward, NE
Member: Vander Haag’s, Inc., Spencer, IA
Parent: Davi Patton

Kenny Hubbard Honorial Scholarship
Amanda Polipnick,
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
Member: Jerry’s Auto Salvage, Inc, Big Lake, MN
Parent: Tony Polipnick

Mark T. Spears Honorial Scholarship
Lauren Post,
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, Minneapolis, MN
Member: LKQ Corporation, Minneapolis, MN
Parent: Jeffrey Post

LKQ Corp. Scholarship
Amber Soyk, Wisconsin Lutheran College,
Milwaukee, WI
Member: LKQ Smart Parts, Hustisford, WI
Parent: Gary Soyk

Richard J. Cassidy Memorial Scholarship
Justice Spear,
Syracuse University,
Syracuse, NY
Member: Jerry Brown’s Auto Parts, Queensbury, NY
Parent: Lawrence Spear

Donald E. & Bernice L. Beagell Memorial Scholarship
Jenni Uplinger,
Cazenovia College,
Cazenovia College, NY
Member: Dons Automotive Mall, Binghamton, NY
Parent: Stephen Uplinger

Don Cowell Honorial Scholarship
Taylor Wright,
Mount Mercy University, Cedar Rapids, IA
Member: Spilman Auto Parts, Bloomfield, IA
Parent: Joe Wright