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Buying Smarts: Core Cash

Information is king in today’s business economy. Ensuring your programs and processes are working at their highest efficiencies is critical to a positive cash flow.

We want you to make sure you have all the “Buying Smarts” you need to make wise decisions. Automotive Recycling magazine is pleased to provide our listing of ARA Associate Member companies who responded to our call for information on their cores programs. This information was provided by the company’s themselves, and the ARA nor the magazine does not endorse any one company. You can use this information in your research to evaluate your program, and to determine what company is the best fit for you. Enjoy the alphabetically ordered listing!

A&A Midwest
Scott Stolberg
(800) 426-8771
For 67 years, A&A Midwest has been the oldest and largest core supplier in the business specializing in engine and transmission cores. That’s how and why we can consistently buy over 1,500 unique interchanges from the 1950’s through the present.
A&A sells more than whole engines and transmissions, we sell components also. So some of what we buy is for specific parts value. This allows us to buy units that are not complete, or may have damage to parts other than the ones we need, at an attractive price. By contacting us about these units you may be able to add hundreds of extra dollars to your core program.
We offer employee training both on site and via power-point presentation. This helps keep chargebacks or deducts to a minimum. We do not require a full trailer in order to pay the freight. We also have flexible packaging requirements. This allows the auto wreckers to turn their inventory more regularly and generate cash flow sooner.
In addition, A&A Midwest buys engine and transmission cores for medium and heavy duty trucks. Many of these items do not have an interchange but there is a list available on our website. You can also contact us with what trucks you have available.
There’s money to be made selling cores, the secret is a consistent partner to work with. Let’s talk, so we can help your earn extra dollars now.

ACE-MCI Commodities
Mark Carr
1-800-878-7414 Office
314-581-2970 Cell and
ACE/MCI Commodities formerly Automotive Commodity Exchange (ACE) & MCI Cores (MCI). Email us at
ACE/MCI Commodities is a one-stop-shop for recyclers “Big” & “Small” automotive core commodities. We offer:
• CORE BANK – ACE/MCI’s FREE “BIG” Core Commodity Valuation Program. “Big” automotive core commodities encompass engines, transmissions, transfer cases and rear ends. Visit
• MAXCORE – ACE/MCI’s FREE VIN Based “Small” Core Commodity Valuation Program. “SMALL” automotive core commodities include complex electrical, A/C, brakes, rotating electrical and hydraulics. Visit
• MAXHOT – ACE/MCI’s Monthly Hotlist. Our goal with this merger is to enhance our already established complete and comprehensive “big” and “small” commodity programs that strengthen the independent recyclers and bridge the gap between the recycler and the remanufacturer.
ACE/MCI Commodities offers:
• One stop shop to sell commodities
• One large warehouse to facilitate efficient check-ins and on time payments
• Consolidated shipping
• Efficiencies at point of dismantle allowing the recycler to harvest all commodities at one time
ACE/MCI (St. Louis) is located at 6346 Plymouth Ave., St. Louis, MO 63133.

Bishop International Inc.
Corie Mach
800-843-5068 ext. 1170
Since 1948 Bishop International Inc. has been helping auto recyclers around the country maximize their profits through automotive core purchasing, specializing in the engine & transmission category. Our personal service, quick pick up & fast check-in process make selling your cores to Bishop International a seamless and profitable process.
Call today to find out more!
Located at 224 N. Corinth St., Dallas TX 75203.

Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions
Todd Deranek
General Questions to
Blackburn OEM Solutions is a national distributor of OEM Wheels (steel & alloy), Hubcaps and Center caps. Since 1983, Blackburn’s has been a trusted resource for OEM wheel products. Blackburn’s real time inventory can be found on Eden, Checkmate, Pinnacle and URG’s Hot Key. When your inventory can’t fulfill a need, rely on the blind drop shipping experts at Blackburn’s to keep your customers satisfied.

What’s unique about Blackburn’s, in addition to supplying the country with OEM wheels, they purchase OEM wheels and hubcaps. If you have OEM wheel inventory (steel & alloy) you would like to sell please contact Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions. For more details visit and click on the “WE BUY” tab.
Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions is not just another “vendor” or “customer;” they are a company that desires to develop long term partnerships. From a buying perspective they would be able to fulfill OEM wheel, hubcap and center cap orders you may otherwise not have been able to fill. From a selling perspective you would be able to supply them with OEM wheels (2006 and newer) to maximize your return. Supplying Blackburn’s is most effective when it’s done on an on a continuous basis allowing you to capture the highest return on core wheels.
Partnering with Blackburn OEM Wheels Solutions will help to increase your sales, profit and your bottom line.
Take the time to learn more 800-981-8321 or

Duesmann & Hensel Recycling, North America
Steve Contreras, Commercial Director
Duesmann & Hensel Recycling (DHR) Group, which is headquartered in Aschaffenburg, Germany, has been a major international player in the field of precious-metal recycling since 1998. The company evolved into a precious-metal recycling provider with its own plasma smelting furnace.

With more than 250 employees in nine countries, the company offers its customers a complete portfolio of services for the recovery and recycling of precious metals contained in various materials such as catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, electronic control units and circuit boards. Duesmann & Hensel Recycling North America was founded in 2009 and is a state of the art processing facility for ceramic and metallic (foil) catalytic converters. The plant, located in New Jersey, was based on proven technology developed and refined by its parent company in Germany.

DHR North America is certified to the ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 standards. As of September 1st, 2016, Duesmann & Hensel Recycling will be changing its name to Hensel Recycling resulting from a change of ownership. Clemens Hensel, co-owner and Managing Director of DHR, assures customers that, “The company’s name change is just that … a name change. Customers will continue to receive the same high level of integrity, quality and service it has come to expect since the start of the company.”
For further information visit:

Interstate Batteries Recycling, LLC
Tod Lyons, Senior Manager
Interstate Batteries Recycling is interested in helping all ARA members with their scrap battery core recycling needs. We offer competitive pricing and we protect our customers from environmental and transportation liabilities. In otherwords, we absorb the risk associated with transporting and recycling scrap batteries when they meet the DOT requirements. Interstate Batteries Recycling and its associates have the ability to recycle a few pallets of scrap batteries or full truckloads of battery cores within a few days, and we pay our customers quickly – all the time.
In a season and economy where the scrap business is struggling and commodity prices are down, the value of scrap batteries has remained relatively stable. Interstate Batteries properly recycles about one billion pounds of scrap lead acid batteries every year, making us the largest scrap battery recycler in the nation. And we’re easy to work with.

Additionally, ARA members can learn how to properly package scrap batteries for transport by going to the ARA University website and finding the Scrap battery packaging training we created specifically for ARA. Proper packaging of scrap battery cores protects your company in the long run. More than 750 members of ARA have benefited from the training since it was launched in Nov. 2014. This training and the ease of recycling scrap battery cores with Interstate Batteries Recycling helps companies’ bottom line by doing things right the first time, thus avoiding possible fines and violations.

Located at 12770 Merit Drive, Suite 1000, Dallas, TX 75251.

LKQ Best Automotive,
formerly Knopf Automotive
Lisa Bonner,
Barbara Johnson,
Buddy Fochtmann,
Knopf Automotive is now LKQ Best Automotive. We are partnered with to offer all automotive recyclers online bidding and VIN or make/model/year look up services. We arrange and pay the freight for shipments from recyclers. Pickups are usually the next day after we receive notification.

We have experienced buyers strategically located to offer onsite purchasing for large lots of material. Our buyers are the most experienced in the business and their careers average over twenty years each. The prices we offer cannot be beat because we are the leading supplier of cores to remanufacturers in the United States. We have twelve receiving warehouses around the country to better serve you. Our goal is a fair check in and fast payment. Most payments are made within ten business days from ship date.
Buddy Fochtmann, Director of Purchasing, says, “I’ve been around this business since I was a boy. Cash flow is just as important now as it was to my father fifty years ago. We want to pay people fast! Ten days is our goal. We understand that the recycler needs their invoice paid by the end of the month if at all possible. ”
Call Lisa or Barbara for a bid and details today!

Phoenix Automotive Cores
Rachael Adams
877.PHX.CORE (749.2673)
With the current state of the scrap industry, auto recyclers have been discovering that they are throwing away profits by ignoring the value that cores have beyond just their weight in scrap metal.

Phoenix Automotive Cores provides a variety of free programs to meet the needs of every recycler. Programs such as Core Pricing, and Get Used Parts, allow users to view pricing during the dismantling process by generating a report of core prices based off VIN numbers.

Coremate is a program powered by Car-Part, where members can receive a quote for material listed in their inventory. Kwik-List is a tool for self-serve yards providing easy identification of the most cost effective cores to pull, and Kwik-Cat gives recyclers the power to confidently price catalytic converters with real-time market prices.

“We hear a lot of talk and promises throughout the industry on who does what better. Consistency and reliability are the only things that can back it up. Nobody can offer 110% of the value of anything – or at least not for very long. Our technology not only benefits our customers but is the reason we can accurately value cat and core products in a timely manner based on real market demand and pricing. Ultimately this is a great value to our customers,” says Jay Robie.
Phoenix Automotive Cores strives to identify the perfect mix of programs for each auto recycler’s unique needs and we are here to help you be the most successful auto recycler possible.

Rebuilders Automotive Supply Company, Inc.
RAS is the number one full-line core supplier to the largest re-manufacturers and auto recyclers in the world. With over 40 years in the automotive recycling industry, RAS is a quality and service-conscious company with over 40 product lines, 180,000 part numbers in inventory and over 3 million cores processed annually. RAS’ offerings include CorePro, RASBid, CorePro Mobile, Metals Recycling, CoreConnect, Recalls, and Catalytic Converters. RAS tools uniquely streamline all aspects of the automotive core evaluation and inventory process while maximizing core revenue.
RAS launched CoreConnectSM in 2015 in partnership with Hollander. CoreConnectSM is a web-based application connecting the demand for parts from manufacturers and rebuilders identified by RAS with your inventory in Hollander’s EDEN® parts network.

On average, automobile recyclers have thousands of dollars of core parts sitting in inventory, representing an immediate, significant revenue opportunity. CoreConnectSM enables you to see the demand for your core parts, and easily price and sell them.

Additionally, RAS was recognized by General Motors as one of its best global suppliers. Winning suppliers from around the world received the award for going above and beyond GM’s requirements, designed to provide customers with the most innovative technologies and the industry’s best quality vehicles. RAS demonstrated superior handling of a GM ignition switch recall. The task was to procure all GM ignition switches from salvage yards to prevent resale of the recalled parts. RAS has a dedicated team for this and other recalls. For more details, got to

Recore Trading Company, LLC.
Don Belisle, Sr.
603-437-3000, 855-647-3267
Specializing in recycling of catalytic converters and the recovery of precious metals.
Recore Trading Company L.L.C. is a cutting edge catalytic converter processor, with IN HOUSE De-canning, Milling and Sampling and Lab Analysis. It is the most transparent way to sell your catalytic converters and to maximize your profits.
It is impossible to get paid converters true value using price lists and code numbers! Converter manufacturers change the chemistry daily depending on market conditions. With our exclusive in house process, you get paid for every gram of precious metals. Bottom line–every one of our suppliers is seeing higher returns for their product. We pioneered small lot assay based converter processing! No waiting for your money and getting paid based on assay = Win/Win.
Top dollar paid for all other automotive cores. Call us today and let us show you how hard we will work to earn your business.

Stewart Prentice
Techemet is more than a smelter and refinery of catalytic converters; we offer full service support for your catalytic converter program. Whether buying over the scale retail or trying to maximize the value of the cats from your end-of-life vehicles, we offer the industry’s most up to date and comprehensive database of serial number values along with buying assistance designed to take the guess work out of converters and eliminate middlemen.