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By Janice Schroder, has helped recyclers sell parts on-line for the past 20 years, successfully serving over 11 million part searches a month. The addition of part and vehicle images have spiked sales for recyclers. Matt Bender, Speedie Auto Salvage, Dover, OH, had a story. Matt had just posted a picture of a truck bed. A man saw the picture, then drove all the way from Wisconsin to pick it up! He got a higher price than he would have in his local market and the man paid cash!

Professional repairers and estimators, however, need more information. Which parts can be delivered in time to complete a repair? What condition are they in? How can they feel comfortable purchasing parts from a recycler they’ve never done business with? Car-PartPro answered these questions and more. It increased part selection by building recyclers’ trading networks into delivery, presenting part availability based on where it is in the recyclers’ production process, certifying recyclers and more.

The results: nearly 44,000 professional repairers have signed up for Car-PartPro. It is integrated in Mitchell’s Repair Center©, where repairers can order parts and get real-time confirmation that the part is available. Selected parts can be written back into estimating systems.

Recyclers can sell more parts by taking advantage of mobile app offerings “MyPartsApp” gives recyclers their own business app complete with their own parts.

The Car-PartPro app offers repairers and estimators the ability to snap a pic of a VIN to quickly identify parts and a built in GPS automatically finds parts in the area an estimator is working in.