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Measure of Success – Benefits of CAR Certification are Far-Reaching

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Measure of Success

Benefits of CAR Certification are Far-Reaching.
By Sue Schauls

In today’s competitive business environment, 
effective management systems are indispensable. Customers want to be confident that they are doing business with an organization that can deliver quality parts in a timely manner and that meet the legal obligations of the industry. No customer wants to find out they do business with a shop that is one agency visit away from being fined. In automotive recycling, management systems are defined through certification programs.

A certification system promotes and facilitates consistency and improvements in a process or product. It improves operational efficiency. Facilities that have achieved certification standards communicate to the marketplace that they have successfully undergone a comprehensive assessment and their processes and organization meet defined standards.

Certified Auto Recyclers (CAR) standards, specifically, communicate to the marketplace that a facility or organization has successfully undergone a rigorous assessment and their company meets the highest standards of industry excellence. Proudly posting your certification achievement may just be the thing that differentiates your facility from the competitors!

Auto recycling certification programs are patterned after environmental, safety and, to some degree, quality management systems. The value of using a recognized management system as a platform for certification programs is that customers from outside of the auto recycling industry will understand the significance of the certification. The purpose of a certification system is to instill a cycle of continuous improvement at the certified facility.

Environmental management systems are meant to prevent pollution that might occur through accidental release as well as maintain compliances that could result in fines if left unmet. Safety management systems prevent accidents while also maintaining compliance.

Safety, quality, and environmental management systems are aligned with this valuable certification through ARA’s Certified Auto Recyclers or CAR program. ARA’s CAR program addresses some of the principles of quality management in the standards set for licensing and permitting, as well as the general business standards for aesthetics.

There is opportunity for enhancement to the CAR program by also participating in ARA’s Gold Seal program that sets the “gold standard” for certification by implementing quality principles that deal with the highest levels of best business practices.

Clearly defined environmental standards help auto salvage operations minimize any negative affect on the environment and comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations. Safety standards help certified auto recyclers put in place sound occupational health and safety procedures. Quality standards help establish professionalism in the marketplace.

In addition to the value to customers, the auto recycling facility reaps the benefit of peace of mind on major compliance issues through certification and the annual re-certification process. It really is a straightforward resource for monitoring regulatory compliance and an invaluable tool for those not already CAR certified to jumpstart their compliance this year. And don’t stop there; strive for Gold Seal which offers a facility assurance they are the best, certifiably.