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Not Tapped into an Online Parts Network? You’re Leaving Money on the Table

By Peter Bishop, CCC Information Services

Let’s say you’re a busy collision repair shop owner, and you have choices. You can make a 15-minute phone call or surf numerous web sites to source a recycled part, or you can simply do a quick search in an integrated online database that can provide you price, availability, delivery times, and images of available parts – within a few seconds. What choice do you make?

You’re likely going to take the quick online option if it’s available. And that’s what your customers are doing every day. In recent years, e-commerce solutions have brought ease and availability to the recycled parts ordering process, and if you’re not tapped into these online resources, it’s a good bet you’re leaving money on the table.

Electronic quoting and ordering help eliminate the time-consuming task of re-keying parts information, saving your customers time, and can significantly increase sales to the collision repair segment. In fact, some recyclers have seen dramatic increases of up to three times their sales volume once they joined a real time parts network.

Here are some of the benefits of joining a real- time ecommerce parts network:
• Inventory is updated in real-time, giving your customers live quotes with instant access to availability, pricing, and delivery options to your area.
• Online photos and accurate part descriptions help customers order the part they need, resulting in fewer returns. Your customers can source any application-specific features that a part may have (color, fit limited to certain trim, heated/non-heat- ed, manual/power, xenon/halogen, etc.) and see the listed ARA codes.
• You can increase customer satisfaction by listing and selling parts in the way that your customers prefer (electronic vs. phone call, etc.). Customers today are accustomed to sourcing items online in many other areas of their lives, and parts should be no different. No one wants to search numerous web sites or make several phone calls when a few clicks to a database will do the trick.

Ask yourself, are you on the right networks? Several options are available, but the CCC TRUE® Parts Network now integrates with the CCC Pinnacle Yard ManagementTM Solution (Pinnacle), making Pinnacle the only recycled parts solution to integrate with CCC’s network of thousands of repair facilities.