CAR & Gold Seal Certification Programs

The professional automotive recycling industry places significant emphasis on the importance of certification. Two cornerstones of ARA are our Certified Automotive Recycler (CAR) and Gold Seal certification programs.

The CAR program—created in 1994—provides a set of standards for general business practices as well as environmental and safety issues and offers guidance for member facilities seeking to adhere to those standards.  For more information on CAR, please visit the CAR page available on the left-hand sidebar menu.

The ARA Gold Seal program, available only to those ARA members who have completed CAR certification, ensures excellence in customer satisfaction through improved customer service, quality parts with accurate descriptions, reliable on-time deliveries and written product warranties.  Established by ARA with an endorsement from the Automotive Service Association, the Gold Seal Program allows recyclers to join forces to take a proactive stance to improve quality and increase customer satisfaction.  For more information on Gold Seal, please visit the Gold Seal page available on the left-hand sidebar menu.

ARA University

The ARA University is the premier online training resource of the professional automotive recycling industry, offering a virtual training campus that serves as a platform for training automotive recyclers around the world. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, automotive recyclers are able to train, test and track the progression of their employees and their automotive recycling educational training with ease.  As the automotive recycling industry becomes more complex and vehicles become more advanced, the ARA University meets the industry’s demand to training with online courses developed and taught by top industry professionals.  For additional information or to register for a course today to enhance your specialized skills, please visit the ARA University page available on the left-hand sidebar menu or visit the eLearning Center at

ARAPRO Airbag Protocol

The Automotive Recyclers Association strongly supports the reuse of non-deployed, OEM airbags which have met specific industry standards and whose evaluated recycled airbag components have been determined a safe, economically-smart repair alternative to restore vehicles to their pre-accident condition.  In a proactive measure to ensure safety standards are met, ARA’s subsidiary, ARA Product Services, launched ARAPro™ in 2006.

The ARA Airbag Protocol ( was developed as a national standard to ensure best practices are applied to the process of extracting, handling, inspecting, and storing non-deployed recycled airbags from salvaged vehicles. Using the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) as well as other inventory management interchange reference sources, ARAPro™ enables the repairer to accurately match the make, model, and year of the replacement component to the vehicle under repair. ARAPro™ Airbags, the brand name that applies to recycled airbags complying with the Airbag Protocol, are supplied with a certificate that can ultimately be used by a state Department of Motor Vehicles to verify that a Protocol-compliant airbag has been used in the repair.