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ARA Attends First Department of Transportation Advisory Committee on Automation in Transportation

ARA staff attended and participated in the inaugural meeting of the Department of Transportation (DOT) Advisory Committee on Automation in Transportation. The Federal governmental advisory committee is made up of industry stakeholders whose purpose is to “…provide information, advice, and recommendations to the U.S. Secretary of Transportation on cross-modal matters relating to the development and deployment of automated vehicles…”. DOT outgoing Secretary Foxx and outgoing National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Administrator Rosekind were in attendance. Co-Chairs of the Committee are GM CEO Mary Barra and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

This first meeting began with introductions and brief subject areas of interest to the 20+ Committee members who included business representatives (for example FedEx, Uber, Lyft, 3M), academia, labor and other technology and automotive industry stakeholders.

The last agenda item was accepting public comments. ARA Vice President of Government Relations, Delanne Bernier, took the opportunity to address the panel and publicly thank Dr. Rosekind for his work with ARA as well as address the issue of “environment impact” and that the end-of-life issue was sorely absent. Bernier mentioned that while there is ELV processing in place for current vehicles, the Committee should keep in mind the safety, circular economy aspects, as well as economic and environmental benefits for future automated ELV processing. She also mentioned that automotive recyclers were part of the G7 summit and that ARA works with the University of West Virginia on automotive technological issues. The brief remarks appeared to be well received.

ARA will continue to seek opportunities to voice the issues and concerns that relate to ELV processing and emerging automotive technologies.