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ARA Meets with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Automaker’s Anti-Reuse Policies

ARA representatives recently met with several U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officials to discuss concerns about automakers’ “anti-reuse” positions. The meeting builds on ARA’s participation at a G7 Alliance on Resource Efficiency Workshop hosted by the EPA earlier this year which focused on the automotive sector’s life cycle, supply chain and end-of-life challenges.

At the meeting, ARA CEO Michael Wilson and Vice President of Government Relations Delanne Bernier discussed how auto manufacturers need to be held accountable for misinformation and attacks on parts reutilization, and that the companies need to abandon positions against the reutilization of parts and stand by the durability and quality of the parts they produce. Mr. Wilson provided the EPA officials with a presentation detailing environmental and consumer benefits from the reutilization of parts including, amongst other things, carbon reduction numbers.

The presentation elicited many questions, interest and positive feedback. The EPA officials were particularly interested in having the automotive and insurance industries and its regulators “thinking holistically”. The officials suggested that automakers need to “change their relationships with customers”.

ARA will be following up with the EPA and this successful meeting and urges all professional automotive recyclers to globally join together to hold the automakers accountable on these important economic and environmental issues.