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The Real "WOW" Factor
"A warranty program done right can be extremely advantageous to your business," said John Fischl, Owner of Riteway Auto Parts in Phoenix, Arizona."Without a doubt, warranties have changed the way we do business. They have become the foundation of our business. They have helped to elevate the image of auto recycling and recycled parts in the mind of consumers and given us a competitive edge in our business." According to Fischl, who is an active member of Team PRP and ARA, Benny Cunningham, of Cunningham Brothers Auto in Virginia, was the one who educated the Team PRP members on the benefits of offering warranties, over ten years ago. Many of them went home and started offering warranties. The results they had were impressive and the warranty program started to develop.
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Strength in Numbers
We've all seen it. The big auto manufacturers touting the "genuineness" of their new parts. They put plenty of money behind the message that their parts are the best option for the consumer. Lucky for the auto recycler, you are also selling the genuine thing! It really all comes down to how are you communicating this to your customer. How much does your business invest in marketing each month? Do you wish you had more time to devote to marketing your product and building your brand?
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Customer Satisfaction
As a busy Collision Repair shop owner or manager, when we say “green,” your first thought might be “show me the profits!” You might also think of new procedures to reduce shop hazards or waste. Possibly the three R’s –reduce, reuse, recycle – come to mind. Yet, professional Automotive Recyclers want your first thought to be “Green Recycled Parts®.” Just as Collision Repair professionals have focused their efforts over the last several years on cycle time, lean manufacturing methods, and improved standard operation procedures – almost as a means of survival – so have Automotive Recyclers, your partners in repairs and providers of recycled auto parts.
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eBay 101...It's All in the Post
Automobiles are the most recycled item in the United States, with over 80 percent of materials by weight usually being recyclable1. With so much of a vehicle available to put back into production, auto recyclers can distribute thousands of parts at once out of their inventory. In a digital world, such a marketplace exists to sell parts far, wide and in high volume. The problem is, not enough recyclers think they can make a splash in the water, or they don't have time to figure out a new sales method. The fact is eBay is loaded with opportunities for businesses of any size to tap into new and unexplored markets.
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