ARA Committees

The committees of the Automotive Recyclers Association are comprised of volunteer leaders who act to further the objections outlined in the Association’s Strategic Plan and provide input and guidance to the Board of Directors and staff.

Affiliate Chapters
Sandy Blalock, Co-Chair
Sue Schauls, Co-Chair
Jessica Andrews, ARA Staff

Certified Automotive Recycler (CAR)
Shannon Nordstrom, Chair
Kelly Badillo, ARA Staff

Events Advisory
Steve Holland, Co-Chair
Becky Berube, Co-Chair
Kim Glasscock, ARA Staff

Gold Seal
Amanda Matlock, Chair
Ginny Whelan, ARA Staff

Governmental Affairs
Norm Wright, Chair
Delanne Bernier, ARA Staff

Regional Directors
Shannon Lathem-McMillon, Chair
Jessica Andrews, ARA Staff

Technical Advisory
Andy Latham, Chair
Ginny Whelan, ARA Staff