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ARA Continues to Defend Recycled Parts Utilization Amid Anti-Competitive OEM Repair Procedure Legislation in Rhode Island

ARA continues to oppose legislation in Rhode Island that could have a seriously negative impact on recycled OEM parts utilization, as automotive recyclers in the state continue to voice opposition on the ground.  H.R. 8013 and S.B. 2679 would require that for any motor vehicle less than 48 months beyond the date of manufacturer, “no insurance company may require any repairer to use repair specifications or procedures that are not in compliance with the recommendations of the original equipment manufacturer for those parts.” This would apply for any collision damaged part on the vehicle.

ARA vigorously supports the quality repair option that OEM recycled parts provide consumers and remains very concerned that requiring automotive repairer facilities to comply with the recommendations of the OEM would have serious negative anti-competitive consequences for consumers, professional automotive recyclers, and independent collision repair professionals.

Over the past ten years, automobile manufacturers have become more aggressive in their efforts to force recycled OEM parts out of the market, releasing position statements, repair specifications and procedures that state they do not support the reutilization of recycled OEM parts. These documents are both biased and based on weak or no apparent scientific research claiming that recycled OEM parts are inferior to new OEM parts.

The Rhode Island legislation sanctions the automotive manufacturers’ surreptitious campaign to restrict the reutilization of recycled OEM parts – parts that are manufactured by the automotive manufacturers themselves and built to meet their requirements for fit, finish, durability, reliability and safety.  The substitute language in the Senate that was recently adopted is ambiguous and the original intent of the legislation — to restrict consumer choice and steer repairs towards only new OEM parts — is still there.