“Choose Recycled Parts” Awareness Campaign – NEW!

Be Part of the Movement!

In November 2017, ARA unveiled a new branding campaign aimed at explaining to consumers the many benefits of choosing recycled parts in a very casual, approachable way.

The campaign consists of 3 television commercials, 3 radio spots, 6 print ads, 6 billboards – all of which can be customized for individual automotive recycling facilities.  The goal of the Choose Recycled Parts campaign is to generate awareness and curiosity in the minds of vehicle owners with a simple message and a positive payoff.   Have you asked your customers yet to be part of this nationwide movement to save money and the environment by choosing a recycled part?

These resources are available for FREE via the Drop Box link below:


A sample of resources is available below:

Everyone Benefits From Recycled Parts – Billboard

Everyone Benefits – Full Page

Everyone Benefits – Half Page

Friends Don’t Let Friends Overspend – Billboard

It’s Your Car – Billboard

It’s Your Car – Full Page

Feel Different – Billboard



Please contact ARA staff with any questions or for more details at staff@a-r-a.org.  So, what are you waiting for? Be part of the movement and get your Choose Recycled Parts campaign up and running!